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In 1967, BRECO established their business as plastic processing and tool marking company, but with passage of time. They started improving their products and quality.

They started making Industrial Timing Belts (thermoplastic polyurethane) in 1968 and after this achievement they entered in Mulco-Joint Venture. In last November 16, 2017. Becro celebrated their 50th birthday ! Congratulations to BRECO.

BRECO with years of experience & with a team of more than 250, near Bielefeld & Hannover in Porta Westfalica started producing Timing Belts, Special and Flat Belts and Timing pulleys as well.

BRECO® and BRECOFLEX® Timing belts are two from world’s top well reputed brands for their quality.  They have distributors all over the world.

Products by BRECO

Brecoflex Timing Belts are designed to keep strength to transmit power from 2 shafts for multi shafts. Brecoflex are maintenance free, abrasion & water resistance with low noise. They keep their length same even after long working hours.

Breco & Brecoflex timing belts are made under high quality production system that contains tension member to check each and every belt before reaching to Industries and Markets. They can be used up to 10,000 rpm, this is simply amazing 🙂

Their new generation belts “Brecoflex” are improved in consistency, teeth pitch, high-stifness, ideal running behaviors and balanced power transmission.

BRECOFLEX® – timing belts Minimum length Any number of teeth available from
 AT3 720 mm 720 mm bis
1701 mm
AT5 225 mm 720 mm bis
15000 mm
AT10 400 mm 720 mm bis
22000 mm
ATS15 1500 mm 1500 mm bis
22000 mm
AT20 1080 mm 1100 mm bis
22000 mm
ATP10 1100 mm 1100 mm bis
12000 mm
ATP15 1500 mm 1500 mm bis
12000 mm
BAT10 1080 mm 1100 mm bis
22000 mm
BATK10 1080 mm 1100 mm bis
22000 mm
BAT15 1080 mm 1500 mm bis 21990 mm
BATK15 1080 mm 1500 mm bis
21990 mm
SFAT10 1080 mm 1100 mm bis
22000 mm
SFAT15 1080 mm 1500 mm bis
21990 mm
SFAT20 1080 mm 1500 mm bis
22000 mm
ATK5K6 1075 mm 1075 mm bis
15000 mm
ATK10K6 720 mm 1080 mm bis
22000 mm
TK5K6 720 mm 1075 mm bis
15000 mm
TK10K6 720 mm 720 mm bis
22000 mm
TK10K13 1080 mm 1200 mm bis
22000 mm
T5 200 mm 720 mm bis
15000 mm
T10 500 mm 720 mm bis
22000 mm
T20 1080 mm 1100 mm bis
22000 mm
XL 152,4 mm Auf Anfrage
L 314,33 mm 723,9 mm bis
14992,35 mm
H 723,9 mm 723,9 mm bis
16002 mm
XH 1422,4 mm 1422,4 mm bis
16002 mm
AT3 50 m
100 m
AT5 50 m
100 m
AT10 50 m
100 m
ATS15 50 m
100 m
AT20 50 m
ATL5 50 m
100 m
ATL10 50 m
100 m
ATL20 50 m
BAT10 50 m
100 m
BATK10 50 m
100 m
BAT15 50 m
100 m
BATK15 50 m
100 m
SFAT10 50 m
100 m
SFAT20 50 m
ATK5K6 50 m
100 m
ATK10K6 50 m
100 m
ATK10K13 50 m
ATK20K13 50 m
TK5K6 50 m
100 m
TK10K6 50 m
100 m
TK10K13 50 m
100 m
TK1/2“K13 50 m
100 m
T2,5 100 m
T5 50 m
100 m
T10 50 m
100 m
T20 50 m
T1/5“ 50 m
100 m
T3/8“ 50 m
100 m
T1/2“ 50 m
100 m
T7/8“ 50 m

Non-Special Requirements

For the non-special industrial requirements where industries need less expensive belts and applications are simple for belts that do not require some special strength Brecobasic belts are designed to cover every prospect.

AT10 BAS 880 mm 50 m
100 m
T10 BAS 880 mm 50 m
100 m
TK10K13 1000 mm 50 m
100 m
Supply options
(compared to BRECO® AT10, T10 (M/V))
Special materials (polyurethane) no
Special materials (tension member) no
Special widths no
Reduced longitudinal/lateral tolerance no
Mechanical belt processing no
Coating materials restrictions on the choice of coatings
Standard colour anthracite
Colouring options no
Individual labeling no

Brecoprotest Timing Belts; Breco have designed special belts for strict requirements specially for food industries. Where Cleaning process is required and BREcOprotest Belts are for those mechanical requirements, in which different limitation apply.

Strict Environment

BRECOprotect®timing belt Minimum length joined Standard delivery lengths
AT5 PRO 1100 mm 50 m
100 m
AT10 PRO 1100 mm 50 m
100 m
AT15 PRO 1260 mm 50 m
100 m
AT20 PRO 1260 mm 50 m
100 m
T10 PRO 1100 mm 50 m
100 m
T20 PRO 1260 mm 50 m
100 m
F3 PRO 50 m
100 m

These are open length belts, clients are free to buy their required length and width too

Environment Friendly

Brecogreen are environment friendly belts. It helps nature to save planet earth also. Production properties of these belts includes material that can be used upto 37% to remake the belt too.

AT10 Special Belt

BReCOfLeXmove is newly designed high performance belt. This is for particularly extra high requirements in terms of Friction, Stiffness, taer-free, FEM, and distribute pressure among shafts and pulleys to make it non breakable.

BRECOFLEXmove AT10 MOV Optionen
Shortest lenght Please request
Any number of teeth available from 1400 mm bis 30500 mm
Maximum width 100 mm
Laminate coating on the tooth side (standard) red
Belt colour (standard) white / red
Quality Policy
  • To maintain leadership by professionally supporting our customers with high precision polyurethane timing belts, woven endless flat belts, metal pulleys, and accessories for:
  • Conveying, Driving, Indexing, Linear Drive, and Power Transmission Applications.
  • To meet customer requirements and continually improve quality through:
  • Advancement of product technology
  • State-of-the-art business and information systems
  • Broadening manufacturing capabilities
  • Highly skilled and trained personnel
  • Maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with customers and suppliers
  • To provide our customers with outstanding products, engineering support, and customer service to meet their highest expectations.

Source: http://www.brecoflex.com

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