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Timing Belt

Timing Belt Information & Guide

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How long do Timing Belts Really Last?

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On November 17, 2020
The timing belt is an important component of the car’s engine, negligence may result in serious consequences, a most likely major accident so it is important to know how long your timing belt last as it is the one responsible for joining the engine’s crankshaft to the camshaft, and does most of the work to […]
When it comes to the maintenance of driving belts, most car owners and even the mechanics neglects to do so. They keep on ignoring it and don’t pay any attention to it until it is completely broken, and that is when they really come to realize timing belt importance. If you too think that the […]
Timing belt or timing change is the basic part of an engine. Both of these perform same functions but the question is date how these both items are different from each other. A very simple answer to this question is, one is a chain while other is a belt. But this answer is not enough […]

It is rubberized like Timing belt with variation of delivering power to air conditioning, power steering, cooling system, alternator and more vehicle parts. The Difference of Serpentine Belt VS Timin

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