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It has been calculated by a research that almost 70 million of the vehicles that are now present on the roads use a dayco timing belt or other. If there is no proper maintenance or replacement of the timing belt, then it can break any time and can cause very costly repairing. Dayco timing belts are well known for their very firm slip-proof power transfer and very efficient resistance to the oil and engine. Dayco belts are manufactured with very tough, high tensile strength and wear-resistant fabric.

Dayco is known as the most manufacturing timing belt company among the other automotive industries. These timing belts produced by Dayco are specifically designed for the OHC and DOHC engines because they consist of a perfect cog design which runs at a very smooth pace and is also not very expensive. Dayco timing belts makes the engine run at a very smooth pace till the belt expires after its specific time period.

Dayco timing belts are very efficient due to the latest technology invested in it. Furthermore, the design of their timing belts are so perfect that they merely break before the expiry date given by the company. Dayco has gained the trust of majority of the automotive industries and this another reason of Dayco being very famous for its timing belts. There is always a part number present on them in which the last three digits show the standard numbering of the industry.

Timing belts that are manufactured are always up to the requirements of the original equipment manufacturer performance. As Dayco is the top company manufacturing the highest number of timing belts, it offer a vast variety of timing belts which are suitable for any sort of application that is using the modern material and highly engineered tooth composite structure.

Timing belts have always proved to be economical and long lasting for their customers. This is the reason why Dayco vehicle timing belts are being used in most of the vehicle around the globe. Customers are very satisfied with the working of this Dayco belt.

Review of some of the potential customers

  • Earlier my car was having some other company’s timing belt and it broke in no time. I searched for the best timing belt and the only name I found was Dayco timing belts. I replaced the old one with Dayco’s timing belt and now it is running superbly.
  • I have been using Dayco’s timing belt from very long time and I have never got into a problem and never heard of an issue in their belts. Highly recommended.
  • I don’t know about other companies but I always prefer Dayco timing belt because it produces a lot of timing belts for OHC engines and they are also famous for their performance.
  • I have always been comfortable with the Dayco belt and I also prefer it.
  • Dayco belts are undoubtedly the most sold belts and I use them for their consistency and smoothness.
  • Unless it’s changed, Dayco’s have always produced the best quality belts.
  • I have been using Dayco timing belts from the pas 3 yeard and they are really holding well.
  • Finally got a perfect timing belt manufacturer. Got tired after so many replacements of the timing belt. Dayco all the way.
  • I have always found the Dayco belts of supreme quality and design.
  • Belts are what I am using now days. Found them after some research. Thankful that I did.
  • I do not know of other companies but Dayco are among the best.
  • No more expenses on repairing the timing belt because now I use it.
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