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Timing Belt is custom designed belt with tooth to make firm grip on pulleys to maintain rpm and avoid slippages. These toothed Belts are widely used in different applications like in Car Engine and different industrial machines. In this small Distributors guide, we ll help you to know; How can get Timing belt distribution? There are different manufacturers in world offers worldwide or nationwide distribution under specific terms and condition. These may alter time to time & manufacturer to manufacturer.

How to Get Timing Belt Distribution

Being a distributor in your country is both hardest task and easiest too. It’s hard because of your sales volume, the existing dealer may have more clients than you. It is easy because of your links, you can sale more products compared to existing one. You must try !

Timing Belt Brands  – Worldwide

Firstly, let me mention some International Brands with a good repute in world, that you may try to get distribution. Here is an example of some most famous brands but it doesn’t means these are only brands. These brands are just famous in market & also costly.

How to search for Timing Belt Manufacturer offering distribution

Alas ! This question is still unanswered even after hours of searching online. The only way to get distribution is to contact that company directly with following details

  • You company name
  • Company Owner Name
  • Company certificates
  • Annual sales
  • Annual Sales
  • Brand you are currently selling
  • Brand you have distribution
  • Request style Proposal Letter
  • First Purchase details with time frame to repurchase
  • Company Contact details like website, phone, email, fax

You must make a proposal letter with all above mentioned and some other additional information and documents to approach company directly. It is better to visit them personally to their parent office. Like inobelts have office in Germany and China but their Timing belt is manufactured in Germany so you must visit German Office, not Chinese.

Wish you good luck !

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