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GT2 Timing Belt by Gates


Gates GT2 Timing Belt

Timing belt is a bendable and flexible belt that have teeth in its inner surface. The belt is designed for the running of an engine or a machine over the matching of tooth pulleys or sprockets. In the high powered mechanical devices where we desired high power transmission, we use these toothed belts in a wide array.

What is the GT2 timing belt?

A GT2 timing belt is an impressive way for the transfer of the motion. It is designed for the linear motion specifically that means it helps to transfer the rotational motion into the linear motion which is a difficult task but GT2 belt is an excellent thing for the compilation of this task. Typically, GT2 Belt is a system of extension in the HTD system that has a great capacity of carrying the load.

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HTD has developed applications for high torque drive but a lot of indexing or registration applications are not acceptable for precision. HTD drives are using small diameter pulleys that are required for the clearance of the HTD drive and to operate it properly. This toothed belt fits smoothly in the pulley groove and has no free space for the belt to move in the furrow at the move back of the pulley direction.

Features of the Gates GT2 timing belt

  • Made of Neoprene material.
  • It has toothed rounded profile.
  • Used for the CNC machines and 3D printers.
  • 1164mm long and 6mm wide belt.

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  • Comes in a loop.
  • Can cut down if you a short length belt.
  • Provide indexing occurring and timing.
  • Have a higher capacity.
  • Long time life belt.

Benefits of the GT2 timing belt by Gates

  1. Long life belt

A GT2 belt timing by Gates is wrapped with the cords of strong fiberglass that is providing the flexibility. Flexibility is necessary for increasing the service life. Its deep and strong profile provides a great capacity for carrying the load. When we used it with a pulley it reduces ratcheting which is provided by a supplier licensed.

  1. Registration

GT2 belt provides accuracy and timing for a flawless registration. That is no loss of capacity for carrying the load by torque.

  1. Load-carrying capacity increased

GT2 has a great capacity of carrying the heavy load. These load capacities for exceed HTD making the GT2 belt is a good choice for an accurate registration.

  1. Quieter operation

The GT2 belt is specially designed with the tooth that has a grip on the pulley grooves and reduces noise and vibration.

  1. Precise positioning

GT2 belt is designed for the precision critical applications such as the printer, laboratory and money handling equipment, machine tools, computer, hand power tools and sewing machine.

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