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How to replace car Timing Belt?


Its your lucky day if you are going through this reading. Mechanics do not reveal this truth to you because if you start doing it yourself. On the other hand, Timing belt replacement cost is so high and time required to change vary from 30 minutes to 500 minutes only.  Time is small. They can make hundreds of dollars in 1-3 hours only. Why would they teach you? if taught, They shall stay free all day long. Lets come to the question “How to replace car Timing Belt?”

Before you try Timing Belt replacement at home

It is strongly recommended to get your belt replaced by auto workshop. Before going to any workshop you must evaluate them. Mechanic analysis before timing belt replacement can result in time and money saving. Doing it own-self is not as easy as replacing battery.

Here are few basic instructions to replace it yourself.

Collect Information

First of all, get your user manual and collect all related information like which brand belt is recommended and which size is best for you. (most used sizes are mentioned above)

Purchase Decision

Find a reliable source of buying. We suggest to buy car maker suggested belt.

Availability of tools

Arrange all required tools including wrench, paint brush & white paint (to set alignment), Timing Belt Tensioner (for backup).

It is simplest and easiest if done properly. You are going to learn how to change your belt in your engine. Timing Belt connects from the bottom of the engine to the top. If it brakes, your engine will stop. It can hit the piston and destroy your engine.

Before proceeding, check owner manual & get the right sized belt from manufacturer recommended brand.

Car Timing Belt Replacement Method

  1. Opening Your engine

    1. To change it, you need to put your Serpentine belt or fan belt off. To do this, Loosen the nuts and push it down to take off your serpentine belt.
    2. To access timing belt, 1st open bolts of Timing Cover. You need to put the top cover & bottom cover off. Bottom Timing cover is behind the pulley. So take the bolt off. Sometimes your Timing Belt Pulley comes out without any tool but in general you need puller. Take the cover off.
    3. Look at your belt. Before proceeding or removing your belt. Get white paint & brush to mark their alignments. Mark at Cam top and bottom of crankshaft.
    4. Loosen bolts of Tensioner Pulley. Push Tensioner down to loose your belt. Simply remove it.
    5. Install your new belt and tighten the bold up. It shall spike tensioner up.
  2. Closing Now

    1. Install the pulley and tighten up. You can push with hammer.
    2. Recheck Marks you made (confirm alignment)
    3. Fix the inner cover behind the belt
    4. Put the Top cover and tighten the bolts.
    5. Install Serpentine belt

Time required to do replacement process

Different people do it in different time. Sometimes first timers do in 20-30 minutes. Some keep doing it all day long. It depends upon your basic understanding with engine, bolts, tools like wrench, your own internal mental power & devotion.

Advice: Keep your old belt in your car for any emergency.

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