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How to Choose the right Mechanic for Car Belt Replacement


Most often, We while getting any mechanical repair get confuse in choosing the right option. Some people google “Timing Belt replacement Cost” to get their specific car belt price estimation, but it still confuses because every different site/blog has different pricing.

Why Timing Belt pricing are different?

I may be wrong or right but I believe the pricing difference is because of the following reasons. These are purely based for belt only. It doesn’t include labor charges at all.

Timing Belt Brands

Do you know Dayco, Gates, and other Timing Belt Manufacturers in USA ? Most probably, you don’t know all or maybe you do some. Yes ! The difference also comes because of brand. If you are using Gates timing belt for audi a4 belt replacement doesn’t mean you would have same cost while choosing Polytech.

Each brand is differently priced.

Workshop Location

Wondering that how workshop location has effecting in pricing? Yes it does has impact on pricing. Let say workshop in Scarsdale village, N.Y., Winnetka village, Ill, or West University Place city, Texas, would not has same price as workshop in Dayton, OH, Jackson, MS, Birmingham, AL.

Yes Location as effect because of following reasons.

People Income

  • If a person is earning handsome annual income will have more buying power compared to person having small income per year.


  • Do you think that the price of Area per square feet will be same in NY, NG, and Ojai 🤔 Of course price is different, Area Matters.


  • Every business earns to fulfill their expenses. right? If a workshop has more expenses will charge you more.

Belt Costing

We know brands of belting like gates and we also know these belts are sold in workshops too. You ever wonder your Why you Car Timing Belt Replacement Cost is so high but did you try finding the reason? Let me reveal the truth.

The name of this truth is Middle Man, Whole seller, Company Agent, Broker, Franchiser or Dealer. Yes If you are buying a belt which is coming from a chain will have more cost.

How to select right mechanic for

  • Serpentine Belt Replacement
  • Timing Belt Replacement

Before finalizing any mechanic, check these

Is he right for the job, I mean; Can this mechanic or workshop do this job perfectly?

You will have your judgmental idea to handover your car engine to him or not. His workshop name, staff, surrounding, and customers will let you know.

Will they complete the work on time?

Time is money, do check if your mechanic do it in reasonable required time or takes more than average time.

What would be labor & other parts cost?

Different workshops do mention only replacement cost. These cost do not include other parts like water pumps and belt tensioner. Labor costs are excluded as well. Ultimately, you can save money by replacing your car belt at home. It’s not complicated.

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