What will happen if the timing belt broke?

If you are driving your car and your timing belt broke, results can be both dangerous and costly. Car Timing belt advised replacement intervals can improve your engine life & save hundreds of dollars too. Timing belt cost is not so high to avoid replace. If you can hear noise …

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Timing Belt Vs Timing Chain – Basic Understanding

Timing belt or timing change is the basic part of an engine. Both of these perform same functions but the question is date how these both items are different from each other. A very simple answer to this question is, one is a chain while other is a belt. But …

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Why Serpentine belt makes noise?

It is rubberized like Timing belt with variation of delivering power to air conditioning, power steering, cooling system, alternator and more vehicle parts. The Difference of Serpentine Belt VS Timing belt makes it very clear to readers. This belt is not only used in Cars, but also in other machines as well. …

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  • Dayco timing belt review

    It has been calculated by a research that almost 70 million of the vehicles that are now present on the roads use a dayco timing belt or other. If there is no proper maintenance or replacement of the timing belt, then it can break any time and can cause very …

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  • GT2 Timing Belt by Gates