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Do you own a Proton car? Have you ever heard about the timing belt? Have you ever seen the timing belt in your car? Its located in front of your car’s engine, it is a simple rubber belt with teeth on its underside. But this simple rubber belt is what keeps your engine running. It is in fact an inevitable part of your engine.

What Function does a timing belt perform?

Few cars have timing chain. Timing Chain and Timing Belt comparison is the core reason behind selection of right part by each car manufacturer. Both control the timing of internal combustion engine by making sure that the crankshaft and the camshaft in your engine rotate in sync. This synchronization results in engines valves opening and closing at a proper rate along with up and down movements of pistons. Thus, it ensures that your car keeps running on the roads. Your timing belt broke results in your car coming to a halt. Eventually you will need to tow it to your mechanic.

Sometimes, with passage of time; your belt get loose. You can tight it with Timing belt tensioner instead of replacing.

Don’t get confused between Timing & Serpentine belt. Both are different and have different functions.

When do you need to change your timing belt?

Unlike other parts in your car, the timing belt gets worn out over time and thus needs replacement. Every car manufacturer usually recommends the timing of replacement in the cars manual. Rule of the thumb is for drive belt replacement intervals i.e., every 4 years or 60,000 miles whichever is earlier. However, it varies greatly depending on the make of the car.

To evaluate if your car needs replacement, look out for certain timing belt symptoms. Your vehicle warns you when the timing belts needs a replacement just like your body showing symptoms in case it encounters some disease.

If you do not recognize the bad belt symptoms and take the required action, engine failure may happen. Some of these symptoms include

  • Emission of unusually high quantity of smoke.
  • Engine coming to halt every now or then
  • Engine not able to perform well at RPMs greater than 2000
  • Misfiring in the engine due to incomplete combustion
  • Strange and unusual noise from the engine
  • Difficulty in starting the car

What is the replacement cost of timing belt for proton cars?

Replacement of a timing belt usually feels heavy on your wallet, but not replacing it may cost you an arm and a leg as it will lead to ENGINE FAILURE. To save some of your dollars, you can do it at home. Drive Belt replacement method is easy and takes around 30-60 for first timers.

The replacement cost of a timing belt in a Proton car varies greatly depending on the model of the car as well as labor costs in your area. Additionally your brand selection also plays role in cost. Dayco, Goodyear and many brands making the same size car belt with quality variations. However on average, it costs somewhere between 250 to 600 dollars.

Before making a final decision on the replacement of your car’s timing belt, try to get quotations from the various mechanics available in your local market. Also ask in the neighborhood for reviews on the mechanic you choose.

Remember; your car is your best buddy. It needs the best care.

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