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What is the Recommended Mileage to Change the Timing Belt


Most people take the timing belt as an ineffectual and worthless thing just hanging in the bonnet. And that’s the biggest mistake they make. They don’t keep it maintained, they don’t service it and they keep using it beyond the recommended mileage without knowing that it can lead to a lot of trouble.

Timing belt as you know it, isn’t really that useless. In fact, it is the one that keeps the engine run properly. The timing belt attaches the engine’s crankshaft with the camshaft and is also responsible for the proper working of several pistons and valves.

Have you ever thought why your engine suddenly starts to make awful sounds and begin to produce a lot of smoke fumes, of course you haven’t thought about it, nobody does.

You just take the car to the mechanic, tell them about your problem. The mechanic fixes it temporarily without informing you with the main issue, you take the car back and end up being with the same issue just after a few weeks.

This happens because your timing belt gives up, it has been used beyond the recommended mileage, and the mechanic doesn’t inform you as he wants to keep making money every time you visit him. That’s why you need to know how to find a better mechanic for your car.

Such a mechanic will inform you that after how many mileages you would be needing to replace your timing belt. This will save you from those continuous workshop visits and you can breathe in peace for the next several years. It won’t be a big issue if you replace your car timing belt yourself at your home.

Recommended Mileage to Change Timing Belt

When it comes to the replacement of the timing belt, it is recommended to change it when your car has covered almost 60,000 to 100,000 miles which is equal to almost 7 to 10 years. However, it is better to replace it after 60,000 miles without waiting for the completion of 100,000 miles as it is not good to take the risk.

A thing to ponder is that this life expectancy is just an estimated one, not all the timing belts have the same mileage recommendation for the replacement. The life expectancy of different timing belts varies according to their manufacturers.

Some manufacturers build timing belts can last even longer than the recommended mileage, whereas some make it in a way that it is only able to cover slightly fewer mileages than the recommended one. So if you are thinking about changing your timing belt, you can look for the recommended mileage on your car’s manufacturers manual. However, replacing it after 60,000 miles is also not a bad idea.

Can you Use the Timing Belt beyond the Recommended Mileage?

Pushing the timing belt beyond the recommended mileage involves a lot of risks because the time after the recommended mileage is now a borrowed one that can be taken from you at any moment, so it’s better not to use it beyond the suggested limit.

However, the decision still depends upon you whether you want to change it or not, because many people take this risk and in some cases, their engine doesn’t cause any problem at all. So if you want to use your timing belt warning sign, you can gladly do so on your behalf, because it is expected for most timing belts to even cross the limit of 200,00 mileages.

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