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Timing belt or timing chain or a cam belt that is a part of the internal engine which make the rotation of the engine easy or in other words we can say that it open and close the engine. The first ever belt was made with steel cord and polyurethane. Note that dirve belt is different from alternator belt.

With the passage of time and ongoing development this polyurethane was replaced by some strong and moreover a rubber material that is temperature resistant. Furthermore this steel cord tension material was also changed by fiber glass that provide superb flex and an extremely low prolonging behavior. We can say that timing belts are the flat belts with a series of even spaced teeth by combining the advantages of flat belt with the positive grip features of gears and chain.

Timing Belt working in cars

The timing belt works in way that it rests on a crankshaft pulley some time on one or two camshaft pulleys depends on the vehicle. When the crankshaft turns one way it also make the crankshaft pulley and the force also move the time belt too. Moreover as this time belt moves it turns the camshafts and these camshafts are basically responsible for controlling all the position of all important valves. With time, it get loose and tighten with belt tensioner.

Timing Belt symptoms

Timing belts need to be replaced after some specific belt replacement intervals or we can say that can be replaced as per manufacturer recommended distance. And failure to replace it and timing belt broke may cause an extremely bad engine failure. The time to replace the belt may depends on many signs and symptoms. The foremost sign is the ticking sound inside the motor starts when the belt starts to wear out.

This is the belt warning sign and that may also include to be an indication of low oil pressure or the sign that engine is not having a proper lubrication. Similarly if the timing belt is broken inside the engine it will not turn the engine that may result in car stop. Some time there is an engine misfire situation that caused due to the fault in timing belt and if it’s not replaced may cause in catastrophic damage in engine.

Timing Belt Cost for Subaru Cars

And when the time to replace the belt is here we need to make an estimate of average cost for Subaru Drive belt replacement may begin with $260 to $1000. Whereas the cost of labor may be estimated from $300 to $600 moreover the price of the parts vary from $60 to $85 and this estimate may also not included the taxes and fees. Before buying belt, you can check for Dayco Timing Belt reviews to take right decision.

To conclude the discussion we may say that this Subaru timing belt is one of the important part of the car which depend on the engine movement and that require to be replaced with the passage of time.

However, you can replace belt yourself or check for the best mechanic near you

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